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Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
strengthens his resolve its too bad there are people in this city who attempt to exercise first amendment rights in a violent way. >> there is fbi investigating as an act of domestic terrorism. >> thousands of immigrants may apply for a driver's license, governor brown granting right to drive anyone who qualifying for the new federal work permit program. and advocates say it will take a little time to build the trust. >> i think it's going to take a few months for individuals once receiving their action then they'll be applying for licenses. >> california is the first state to ban driver's licenses -- grant driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. >> governor brown vetoed so called domestic workers bill of rights that would have granted overtime to 200,000 nan yeez housekeepers the governor said it left too many questions unanswered including how it would apply to employees including baby-sitters. >> the california state university began accepting applications for the appreciateman class but will not be evaluating them until november and there is a better idea of funding going forwar
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. this was the first full day on the job after a battle to remain as sheriff. mark matthews is live at city hall. mark, those who would like to see him recalled from office. >> ross mirkarimi didn't always say the right thing in that fight to keep his job. you'll remember he called arm bruising with his wife a private matter, today he was careful not to defend what he d woe like to put it behind him. sheriff mirkarimi still working on learning the job and eager to put the long political battle to rest. >> i'll continue to eat as much humble pie i think one, that i want to eat z continue to pro fess and demonstrate that i'll be the sheriff people elected me to be. >> supervisors eric mar introduced domestic violence legislation they plan to bring before the board it asks for women for employees to have materials about domestic violence. >> i asked if he would support a recall of the sheriff. he he qif indicated but cohen said she could would support a recall but won't lead it it would ache take away under tones that are plitly motivated. >> i'm not to comment on recalls. people want to talk about that.
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
withstanding room only. first ethics commission president spoke about decisions in august. >> there is a decision the mayor sustained charges of official misconduct on the basis of the physical abuse from the sheriff. >> deputy city attorney sheri kaiser presented the case, asking to uphold his suspension. >> the sure in his testimony to them minimized and sanitized his account of the events that he was not truthful or forth coming. >> the attorney represented mirkarimi sat in a corner listening intently. the punishment does not fit the crime. >> and this is the mayor never alleging he committed he fishl misconduct in performance of official duties. >> the supervisors present hopes they will vote tonight f they don't, the charter permits them to vote next week f they don't act next week, he is he reinstated back as sheriff. as you said earlier this may be a late vote because he promised he wants everyone to have a say here tonight. i talked to david wagner who said if they lose here tonight they'll appeal but there is something like 30 days to do that. if mirkarimi is rein
Sep 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
to ail tract about 50,000 people and generate an estimated $120 million in revenue for the city. oracle open world runs through thursday. >>> pop star justin bieber was forced to leave the stage twice on the first contest on national tour. a bug got the best of him in arizona and he vomited twice on stage. he left the stage after each episode but returned and even did an encore. he later tweeted great show. getting better for tomorrow's show. he later added and milk was a bad choice. hope he's all better for his performance at oakland's oracle arena which is next saturday. >>> leigh glaser standing by to show us the hotspots today. >> this time yesterday we had a lot of fog making its way through the marin headlands and kissing the deck of the golden gate bridge. get ready for clear sky tonight. don't forget we still have the full moon out this evening so it should be a terrific night indeed. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. you get pretty much the story here. not a lot of fog. yesterday we had on shore winds. today they have switched to more offshore, so just limited fog and the coa
Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
$386 per round trip. that is 9% higher than last year. however, travelo city says you can safe if you're willing to travel on thanksgiving day then return the following tuesday. >> would you be turned off if your date used a coupon during your first night out together? a survey found 26% of the couples would have no problem if their date used a coupon to pay for the evening out. those are the folks who go out with people from 7 on your side, however, 12% said if someone pulled out a coupon on the first date there would be no second date. another 1% said they would end the date then and there. no matter what. respondents said be honest f you're the type to use a coupon don't try to hide it. if you're planning to dress up as big bird, you'll have to make your own. the company says it's sold out. sales took off after the debate when mitt romney made big bird a symbol of big government. romney says he loves big bird but would cut funding for pbs. google searches for the term big bird costume shot up after the remarks. so. >> i'm still thinking about the coupons.. >> what about second date
Oct 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
city, sandy put the brakes on the largest transit system. 'the buses and subways. >> if you don't evacuate you're not just putting your own life in danger but your endangering the first responders who may have to riecks you. >> thousands of flights have been cancelled. standing disappointed travelers until further notice, and experts agree the worst hasn't begun. >> this storm is not overhyped. it's going to be destructive, life-threatening, and historic. reporter: here in ocean city, maryland, conditions have worsened. the rain picked up. the wind gusts are blowing heavily. the streets or evacuated and the concern is widespread flooding. reporting live in ocean city, maryland, abc-7. >> ama: all of this is happening during the final leg of the presidential contest. what impact is sandy having on the campaign? reporter: well, a big impact. president obama and challenger, mitt romney, cancelled events. governor romney was going to head to new hampshire. the president to ohio tomorrow. president obama back in washington, actually touring fema today, making sure that federal prepar
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6